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Early Voting for LaPorte County 2018 General Election & Ballot Preview



MICHIGAN CITY — Early voting for the 2018 General election in LaPorte County began Wednesday allowing residents to vote for their elected officials before the official election day on November 6.

Although election day is still weeks away, residents are being urged to go out and vote early to avoid any complications as well as to ensure their vote is cast.

Voters who registered by the registration deadline and are eligible to vote in LaPorte County can go to the LaPorte County Courthouse in LaPorte or the courthouse in Michigan City Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. to cast their votes early.

Additionally, the courthouses will also allow early voting on the last two Saturdays before Election Day from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. allowing those who work weekdays the opportunity to vote.

If you are unable to vote early, you can vote at your local voting precinct on Election Day. To find your local voting precinct or polling station, visit’s polling place locator.

For more information on where to vote as well as information on candidates, visit Vote 411.

Below is a preview of the LaPorte County 2018 General Election Ballot:

Elected Officials

Links below are links to candidate’s official election website or official Facebook Fan Page. Some candidates may not have an official site or we may have missed it. If you know of a candidate’s official website or Facebook fan page, please let us know by email at

US State Senator from Indiana
Joe Donnelly (D)
Mike Braun (R)
Lucy M. Brenton (L)

Secretary of State
Jim Harper (D)
Connie Lawson (R)
Mark W. Rutherford (L)

Auditor of State
Joselyn Whitticker (D)
Tera Klutz (R)
John Schick (L)

Treasurer of State
John C. Aguilera (D)
Kelly Mitchell (R)

US State Representative, 1st District
Peter J. Visclosky (D)
Mark Leyva (R)

State Senator, District 04
Karen Tallian (D)
Cole Stultz (R)

State Representative, District 009
Patricia A. (Pat) Boy (D)
Dan Granquist (R)

Judge of the LaPorte Circuit Court, 32nd Judicial Circuit
Thomas J. Alevizos (D)

Prosecuting Attorney of LaPorte County, 32nd Judicial Circuit
John Lake (D)
Christina M. Espar (R)

LaPorte County Sheriff
John T. Boyd (R)

LaPorte County Assessor
Michael R. (Mike) Schultz (D)

LaPorte County Commissioner, District 1
Sheila Brillson (D)
Connie Gramarossa (R)

LaPorte County Council, District 3
Mark S. Yagelski (D)
Christopher W. Jackson (R)

Michigan Township Assessor, LaPorte County
Scott Bell (D)

Michigan Township Trustee, LaPorte County
Rodney Washington (D)
Keith A. Harris (R)

Michigan Township Board Member, LaPorte County
Melody Farmer (D)
George J. Kazmierczak (D)
Susan H. Webster (D)

South Central School Board, At-Large
Deborah Allen (Non-Partisan)
Jacob L. Wade  (Non-Partisan)

Tri-Township Consolidated School, District 2, Dewey
Darron R. Bruder (Non-Partisan)

Michigan City Area School Board, Civil City (LaPorte, Porter)
Thomas Dombkowski (Non-Partisan)
Theresa C. Edwards (Non-Partisan)
Agnes M. Meer (Non-Partisan)
Joanne L. Tedesco (Non-Partisan)

Tri-Township Consolidated School, District 1, Cass
Tim A. Guse (Non-Partisan)

LaPorte Community School Board, At-Large
Shannon M. Hannon (Non-Partisan)
Shari Ott-Large (Non-Partisan)
Jan Ribordy (Non-Partisan)

Metropolitan School Board of New Durham
Wayne R. Hodge (Non-Partisan)
Joshua A. Krickhahn (Non-Partisan)
Mark Parkman (Non-Partisan)
Dominic J. Riffett, Jr. (Non-Partisan)
Lynn M. Wilson (Non-Partisan)

Tri-Township Consolidated School, District 3, Prarie
Melanie A. Mills (Non-Partisan)
Shawnda M. Nelson (Non-Partisan)

South Central School Board, Clinton Township
Dominic A. Notaro (Non-Partisan)

Michigan City Area School Board, At-Large
Peggy A. Rose (Non-Partisan)

Public Questions

  • Court of Appeals Judge Retention
    • Court of Appeals Judicial Retention District 2
      “Shall Judge Robert R. (Bob) Altice, Jr. be retained in office?”
  • Ratification of state constitutional amendment
    • Public Question # 1
      “Shall Article 10, Section 5 of the Constitution of the State of Indiana be amended to require the general assembly to adopt balanced budgets for state government that do not exceed estimated revenues unless a supermajority of two-thirds of the members of the House of Representatives and two-thirds of the members of the Senate vote to suspend the requirement.”
  • Supreme Court Justice Retention
    • Supreme Court Justice
      “Shall Justice Geoffrey G. Slaughter be retained in office?”

Luis Izquierdo is a freelance journalist born and raised in Florida. Luis has published hundreds of articles on numerous online and print publications throughout the United States.

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