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MCAS Reminds Motorists of School Bus Stop-arm Laws

Michigan City Area Schools makes parody-style music video to remind motorists to stop for school buses with extended stop-arms.



As kids across the county prepare to return to school Wednesday, Michigan City Area Schools remind motorists of the school bus stop-arm laws using a fun parody-style music video.

According to the video intro, Michigan City Area Schools bus drivers recorded 38 motorists ignoring the stop-arm laws in just one day.

The stop-arm law which states that motorists driving in either direction on an undivided road must stop when a school bus extends their stop-arms.

The law is in place to protect children while getting on and coming off of the bus.

Last school year, many jurisdictions across the nation saw horrific results when motorists decide to ignore the laws and continue driving past a stopped school bus.

The number of drivers ignoring the law and causing accidents that sometimes resulted in the death of children last school year was so great that police departments throughout the country were promoted to post officers at problematic bus stops issuing hundreds of citations.

Michigan City Area Schools recorded the video and posted it to their Facebook Page and YouTube in hopes and reaching through to motorists to remind them to stop when they see a stopped school bus with its stop-arms extended.

Check out the video above and share with your friends to help keep our children safe this school year.

Luis Izquierdo is a freelance journalist born and raised in Florida. Luis has published hundreds of articles on numerous online and print publications throughout the United States.

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