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Sex Offenders Arrested in La Porte County’s “Operation Santa Sweep”

La Porte County Sheriff’s office conducted “Operation Santa Sweep” and arrested four suspects found to be non-compliant with the Sex and Violent Offender Registry.



Detectives in the La Porte County Sheriff’s Department conducted an investigation dubbed “Operation Santa Sweep” that lead to the arrest of four men who were non-compliant on the Sex and Violent Offender Registry according to department officials.

La Porte County Sheriff’s Detective Gabe Struss investigated the four individuals and determined that each suspect had failed to comply with their requirements for the registry.

Early Saturday morning between 2:30 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. deputies on the Midnight Shift initiated the operation, arresting the suspects.

Arthur E. Newkirk, 74, of Rolling Prairie, Matthew A. Wunder, 42, of La Porte, Robert D. Raymond, 35, of Michigan City, and Harry E. Wilson, 50, also of Michigan City, were arrested and transported to the LaPorte County Jail.

Newkirk and Wunder were both released shortly after posting bail.

Raymond and Wilson both remain in custody in lieu of a $755 cash-only bond.

Luis Izquierdo is a freelance journalist born and raised in Florida. Luis has published hundreds of articles on numerous online and print publications throughout the United States.

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